To clone or not to clone (warning pooh)


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Oct 11, 2007
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I know I really am weak with photo shop and post processing, but I had a decent picture but it had a pooh in it and I didn't want to post it with the pooh, but I suck at cloneing. The question is should I leave it like this:


Or clone it, this was my attempt, I know I'm not very good at PP at all, but it's an attempt and I'm learning right?

It took a couple of scrolls up and down to figure out what you were on about. #2 is difinetly an improvement. LOL
FLOL. I first looked at it and thought, "that's not poo, that's a baby!"
I like the first one, definitely. Hahaha.
The second one looks like there's a tiny set of swinging doors.

This happened to a friend of mine with a photo of a bird, and I couldn't convince him it was ethical to clone it out. I'd say keep practicing, it's a great shot worth saving imo. The problem is, you kind of have to rebuild the sphincter, because even if the animal's not pooping, from this position, you're still going to be looking at a brown eye.
The baby's not being born, it's just poking it's head out the pouch
^^^ True...I think koalas are pink, furless and the size of a jellybean at birth
It took me a while to figure it out what the difference is...but yes..#2
The baby's not being born, it's just poking it's head out the pouch

That's what I originally thought.. Guess I'm assumed wrong.

I was wondering why it was so clean and perfect. haha.

Now that you mentioned it I also remember they are extremely small at birth.

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