To Whom or What Are you Brand Loyal to?


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Mar 26, 2010
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South central PA
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Given the OWS movement and the hipster attitude that all things corporate are evil, I'm still brand loyal on a few things. This is based on customer service, value and use of product.

In a little bit I will check out of a Marriott, get on the road for several hours and check into another Marriott. Tonight will be my 189th night in the last year I have hotel surfed -all at Marriott's and their subsidaries (love me some JW and Renaissance action). Hi, I'm Tee and I'm a Marriott fanboy. :lol: But seriously, I'm brand loyal to Marriott. They have an awesome rewards package for traveler's like myself and I have never been steered wrong.

I'm also brand loyal to:

Delta Airlines
Reef sandals
Lipton Iced Tea (the glass bottle not the crap plastic)
Gregory Backpacks
Burt's Bees lip balm
Kiehl's facial products

Everything else is negotiable. So, how about you? What are things you won't budge on and would rather go without than with an alternative?
I choose brands for their features not for the name. That said:

I like
Sony TVs
Nikon Camera
Harley Davidson Motorcycles
GMC Trucks

I like Apple computers, mp3 players, and so far, I am enjoying my iPhone 4 quite a bit. I like Microsoft computer mice, however... I like Best Foods mayonnaise (Hellman's in much of the USA, same product). I like Speedotron flash equipment, Manfrotto tripods, stands, and boom stands. Nikon cameras and lenses are good, but I have Canon stuff also. I think EPSON is the printer manufacturer of choice, far and away. I like New Balance running shoes. I like Snickers bars. I like Coca~Cola Classic soda pop. Other than those things, I'm struggling to think of brand-loyalty items...hmmm...
Nothing made by Sony.

Other than that, I'm pretty open.
Federal Reserve Notes. Preferably the ones with big numbers.
gotta go with tyler here. I am brand loyal until screwed over by them.
Hmmm lets see now:

CANON (of course)
Maybe Gitzo (not really tried a Gitzo yet but heard such good things about them!)
LowePro bags!
Microsoft Windows
NVIDIA GeForce :)
Intel Pentium

Errrr that's about it really for being "brand loyal" most of my other interests are rather limited in product range so there really isn't so much a collection of brands to be loyal to. Though I can say I hate UBISoft at present for their silly "must be online all the time to play singleplayer" DRM so I'm not loyal to them!
Whoever has the best quality for the best price in whatever I happen to be looking for at any given time. The closest I come would be Nikon and that only because I have a sizeable bit of money invested in lenses, speedlights, and other accessories that only fit Nikon.
Sony PlayStation
Java Dave's Coffee
Microsoft Windows
J.J. Abrams
Brandon Sanderson
I frequently travel on business too. Marriott over their competitors by far, even if it means running the rental car further.

Sprint aircards.

Apple, Longhorn Steak Houses, Target (because I hate WalMart), Polo Ralph Lauren are other brand I can think of I appreciate and throw business at a lot lately.

I hate all the airlines equally.
Never given it much thought but I guess there are a few things:

Asics running shoes (specifically the 2100 series for the last 10 yrs)
Toyota trucks (on my 5th)
Hoyt bows
Mrs. Baird's bread
Wolf Brand chili

I don't think mine is so much loyalty as it is like. If I find a better shoe, bread, or truck I wouldn't hesitate to change.
I'm unaffected by OWS

Mazda (love my Miata - 5th one)
GMC trucks
Columbia hikers
Lindt Chocolate (Yum)
Coke (hate Pepsi)
New Balance Sneakers
Smart Water

Hmmmmm.....that's it for now.
I'm loyal to my local organic non-profit food coop.

I've not seen another business worth trusting, but some of them make decent products. :)

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