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Dec 29, 2011
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Coon Rapids, MN
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I have never seen this. Eye-Fi Pro X2 8GB Wireless SDHC Card - simply the most powerful memory card yet | Eye-Fi

Anyone use these? seeing that I have a droid that i can tether... couldn't I always have room (it automatically uploads my photos anywhere I want if there is wi-fi). Also this would be great for photojournalism in case you get your camera taken/broke the photos will upload on their own. seems pretty cool. Just wondering if anyone has seen or used this. Its a class 6 SD card.
I haven't used one, but if I recall (from what I've read) it's pretty slow to transfer the files...especially if you're talking about large Raw files etc.

I was also reading that a 'wireless USB' was in the works, which would be much faster. But the article said that it was coming soon, but that was a couple years ago...and I haven't heard anything about it.
I have used one at work just for testing. I have not tried to use it with raw files or in a practical shooting environment. It's a neat idea and it works, but I personally wouldn't find it useful for what I do as I never have space issues nor do I have a need to auto-upload.
I've used it for studio shots. I had to be like, 10 feet from the wireless router, and had to set up my sd cards so RAW went to my real card and medium JPGS went to the EyeFI, basically just to view as I went along but not actually edit or anything. It actually only worked once, and then I haven't been able to get it to work since so I should probably return it....
I have one and love it. It's tethered to my iPad. Like Big Mike said, it can be slow at times, but if you are transferring while you are shooting then it doesn't matter. I use it when shooting basketball tournaments. This weekend was a 12 team tournament spread over two gyms. My iPad picked up the files as I was shooting at both gyms; the wireless range is really good. I'm a software developer, so I wrote an app that allows the parents to view the pics on the iPad, and order/pay on the spot. It really helps with the impulse purchase.

You don't actually need to have wf-fi access to transfer the photos; the app for your Droid will create it's own ad-hoc wireless connection.

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