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Nov 28, 2011
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For our drive yesterday in celebration of Canada's birthday we headed out north to see how close to Tobermory we can get, it is the tip of the Bruce Peninsula. Well we made it all the way there!
Here are my favourite shots from the lighthouse point.
Would love to hear your thoughts, thanks for taking a look!

This is one of my favourites of the day :)

Ah, Tobermory, I love that place! My husband & I have done quite a bit of scuba diving there, we even did a couple of shore dives right from that lighthouse. I don't advise it, though -that water is really, really cold!

I really like the cormorant shot, nicely caught!

I think the horizon is crooked on the second-to-last shot.
So....dumb question. What/where is Tobermory, and why was there evidently some question about how close you could get to it? Keep in mind that the only things I know about Canada are that it is (mostly) north of the US, it's way too cold in the winter for the likes of me, and they like hockey and maple leafs. That's the sum total of my Canadian knowledge. Well, I know that Alex Trebek is a Canadian. :lmao:

Anyway, I like the lighthouse shot, a lot, but I think I'd try to clone out that wire on the left side. I also like the cormorant because...well, because it's a bird, and birds are cool. :D
As blacksheep already pointed out, all the water is in danger of falling out of that next-to-last picture. :D
I like the last one, although I kinda wish that boat was sailing into the frame instead of out of it; you couldn't get them to turn around for you?
Thanks Serena, Captain and Sharon :)

Serena, it is an amazing area for sure :) Learning to dive is on my wishlist, living so close to the wrecks up there all around the point should push it to the top of the list ;)
Ah didn't even see the tilt! I shall fix that.

Sharon, you know I even thought about you and your amazing write ups on your adventures when I was posting these, I even debated on putting a map in the post to show where Tobermory is! Now that you have thoughtfully called me out on it here it is ;)

Tobermory is marked, it is the northern most tip of the Bruce Peninsula where you can take the ferry across to Manitoulin Island, (the largest fresh water island in the world!)

We left from Hanover (bottom of the map) and headed in the direction of Tobermory not sure how far we would get or where we would ultimately end up. Now I say in the direction of Tobermory because we are in cottage country and since it was a long weekend there is an extra big mass exodus going south, we get all of the cottagers and campers from the peninsula PLUS everyone coming from places further north who take the ferry across at Manitoulin instead of driving all the way around Georgian Bay. For driving that isn't great if you take the main roads so we take the side roads making it a much more indirect route and we end up meandering around a lot, finding roads that look cool, signs that tweak our interest, dead ends etc... all send us in different directions on the way. The reason we go on the last day of a weekend or week days is for this very reason also, everyone is leaving so nobody is at the places we want to go!

We did end up stopping at a couple places along the way that we knew about but had never visited, it's crazy how common that is, things in our own backyard and we talk about them but never go! Mr Rabbit and I are making an effort to get out in the area and DO it!!

On our way to Tobermory we saw a bear and got my first shots of one! (thread here) stopped at a place called Spirit Rock because the coffee had gotten the better of me, took a few pictures and carried on (one picture here that appears to be a fail lol). Our next stop was the Greig's Caves just because we saw the sign and went in, omg it was amazing! I posted a thread about it here. It took us about an hour and a half to do the trails to the caves and go through them and had lots of light left so we headed back out in the direction of Tobermory and that was our next stop :)

Thanks for the C&C, good point about the cloning. Ah the Cormorant, I was shooting the sailboat I think and saw it out of the corner of my eye coming out of the channel so I swung the camera around and panned him, I got two of 6 shots in focus :) Oops on the spillage on the second last one. As for the sailboat, I really like that shot and wish I had lined it up a bit sooner when he was sailing in *sigh*
Nice set! But your fav looks underexposed... I just set the white point on the sails so the highlight was not gray... (edit on right)

Thanks Charlie, that looks great! I still have a hard time seeing underexposure, I totally should have used the sail!

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