Today, I lost one of my best friends...

Gorgeous shots, Tyler! I love that shot on page 13.. her expression is awesome!! I really do feel for you, my friend!
I have nothing to say that will help with the pain. I love dogs to but cats are my preference. I've always had at least one around, and two of them lived to be 16 years old. Both of them, and the two that I have now, meant more to me than most people. One of them was the only thing that got me through a pretty tough time in my life. When she died it was almost more than I could deal with. I say this just so you'll know that I most assuredly do understand the pain.

All I have to offer is that over time the pain will dull. It may never go away entirely, but it will dull and be replaced with memories. Been there, done that, and understand completely.
Sorry for your loss, losing a petis a lot harder than most think. Friends and family joke around about when I die. You never think of a pet not being around. When it happens it hits home pretty hard.
I'm old enough to have buried a lot of pets, ours and that of our kids. I remember every one of them, their characters and what made them so. Each one, when the inevitable happens, hurts like hell. And reminds us that our time too is limited. Cleo was a beautiful dog, both in appearance and in disposition. Your works made her alive to us. Thank you for sharing, and condolences on your loss. But she has a permanent home in your heart, and will never leave. Let that be a comfort, such as it is.
I'm very sorry for your loss Tyler, she was a beautiful girl inside & out.
She's a beautiful dog ty. It's too bad they don't live as long. All dogs are just :bigangel:
I'm sorry Tyler. The only problem with dogs is that they don't live long enough. At least you guys gave her an awesome, loving home.
I am so sorry Tyler. Your words describe a beautiful friendship, may those memories help you get through this.
If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they
Will Rogers

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