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Jun 12, 2010
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Picture of an old turtle at the zoo

c&c please

Not a lot here upon which to offer comment. Technically the image is over-exposed in the highlight areas, which, combined with the deep shadows underneath makes it a difficult image from which to extract a lot of detail. Artistically, it's really nothing more than a shot of the top of his (her?) head with a bit of the shell.

Like people animals are best captured at their level. Don't be afraid to get down on your stomach and look her (him?) in the eye to get 'the' shot.
This looks like it has a lot of PP done on it? Or maybe that it was zoomed in too far? I can't pinpoint it. Also, I think with the angle it looks like a turtle head peeking out from a stack of chopped wood. I'm guessing this was at a zoo or something where you had limited angles to work from, but I would suggest trying to get lower next time and not over processing. Do you have the original?
So basically i processed it too much?

ill post the original
The grass is what bothered me the most in PP, but it still bothers me without PP. :lol: Weird. I can't look at it without looking at that grass and thinking.... "Huh?" It must be me. I do like the turtle in the original more, though. Maybe just a tad of contrast.

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