Tokina 50-135 f2.8 dx 67mm hood


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Feb 4, 2011
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Cork Ireland
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Hi all. I have this tokina lens, bought secondhand without its hood. Its expensive for the correct hood. Would the spurious rubber ones for sale cheaply on the net suffice. I only ask because it seems to be a very long shaped flower petal hood similar to one on a sigma lens i have, but on the sigma if the hood is not turned the correct way fully it blocks part of the sensor. Thanks
A hood only needs to block stray light from hitting the front element. Doesn't really matter whether it's made out of black anodized titanium or stiff black paper. As long as it blocks the light then it's doing its job.

The petal hoods are better, because the size and shape of the petals is deisgned to form a rectangle when viewed from the lens's point of view. However, they do need to be aligned properly. On some lenses, the front element rotates when you focus and/or zoom, and if a petal hood is attached here, it can cause the petal hood to rotate, bringing some of the petals into the frame. On lenses lke this, you can either adjust the petal after focussing or zooming (inconvenient), or you can use a circular hood.

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