POST ALL THE PICS YOU'll TAKE! please.... :p
just returned from a great outing with Alison, Hobbes & Co. they met us at Gravelly Point where we all played football and watched 747's soar right over our heads :thumbup:

Evelyn is such a beautiful baby :hugs:

i hope the weather cooperates for the remainder of the meet-up. scoob and i hope to make it back in early sat to catch up with some of you :)
Sorry to be missing this... I enjoyed meeting Alison, Aubrey and kids today! I can't believe how well-behaved Christopher & Lucas were and Evelyn is an absolute angel! Poor Alison had to pry her from my fingers!!

Ya'll have fun and post a lot of photos! :thumbup:
Man...I wish I could have made it. I really wanted to meet y'all. Next meet up, Im there.
Y'all have a blast, and take lots - o - pics. Stay safe!!
hey what are you doing so long? I'm waiting for PICS!!!!
have fun at the meet-up everyone! If I was not a broke university student in the middle of exams I would be there. Lookin forward to seeing the pics.

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