Tornado Damage - C&C Please

To be perfectly honest, neither picture depicts the total devastation that a Tornado produces, and what you wanted to photograph.

Picture #1 The tree is still standing, and there are cut trees neatly lying on the ground. There just isn't anything that says Tornado damage.

Picture #2's focal point is the electric stove burner, the garbage bag and surrounding trash looks more like a dump then tornado damage.
Scuba: I went to West Liberty with a truckload of water on March 3, 2012. You would believe the pixs I walked away with. I was speechless. I live in Winfield, WV about 3 hours from West Liberty.
The images do not need to depict devastation, only the impression which the photographer had. To me the images are interesting and refreshing, perhaps not documentary but show a different and more emotional element to the aftermath of a tornado.

I see a lot of desolation in these both, and something draws me to the uncanny elements of the first one. Certainly there is a ghostly feel when witnessing a disaster area.

Of course, if I didn't know these were depicting a tornado I wouldn't have known - to me though that isn't such an important part, but i don't consider these to be objectively documentary either.

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