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Apr 6, 2009
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County Durham, UK
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Please be gentle :hug:: I'm a total newbie to photography. I have managed to blag myself an Olympus E-510, I'm not sure if it's what would be classed as 'any good' by the people in the know. BUT as I got it free, I'm not going to complain :lmao:

I have taken a few pictures and I'm just after some pointers on how I can make them better next time.



I'm sure they are rubbish by most people's standards, but 'heyho' we all have to start somewhere.

Thanks in advance

Cute pup. :) Yup, they're not bad, especially since you're just starting out. One thing I can see right off the bat that may help you is this: it looks like your focus is a little bit off. Meaning, I'd like to see the dog's face -- especially his eyes -- in nice sharp focus, but they aren't. For example, in the second photo, look at the grass -- THAT looks nice and sharp, but his eyes and fur are just a little bit off. Paying a bit of attention to where your camera chooses to autofocus will help a ton -- or else setting up your camera to let you choose exactly which focus point is uses.

Keep it up, and keep trying new things! :)
Hi Matt, in both you needed a faster shutter speed especially #2 as you were shooting at 263mm on your camera it has a 2x crop so that would be 534mm on 35mm so you need to be shooting at minimum 1/500 first shot was 104mm = 208mm you shot at 1/200, so what ever length you are shooting at that is your minimum shutter speed unless you are very steady or using a tripod, hope you understand

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