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Jun 8, 2006
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Hi All,
Im totally new to photography, but id love to! So if i sound stupid, please forgive me :hail:

Id love to buy a cam, and im expecting to obtain effects like the one you see here
Can someone advice me on the hardware required? Is it possible to achieve something like that without using Fireworks,Photoshop etc [ uh! i told u im stupid!]

If someone could share a few cool links to photography for the complete idiot kinda stuff, that would be great!

Thanks all!
You're not stupid Fen, everyone on this forum has been in a similar position to you at some point in their lives!

That particular shot looks like it's been taken as is (i.e. no special effects in photoshop afterwards) but with a polariser (or polarizer if you're american). This could be done with most digital or film cameras that accept filters (or, for a slightly more do it yourself way, hold the filter up to the lens!) Therefore, if you were at the right place at the right time you could get this shot with most cameras out there.

I've just realised I've jumped ahead and so will clarify some things. A polariser is a type of filter, filters are pieces of glass that fit in front of your lens. For example you can put an orange filter in front of your lens and it will give everything a more orangey hue when it comes out.
Polarisers are a bit moer complicated than that in that they polarise bits of light. I can't explain how it does it (try googling it) but the after effect is that your skies are darker and the tones tend to be more graduated (i.e. more of a transition from the dark blues to the light blues).

This is alright maybe a bit complicated to start off
I'm sure if you use google you should find some other stuff
First, welcome to the forum.

Second. Repeat after me.... "I AM NOT STUPID! I A-M N-O-T S-T-U-P-I-D!!!"

I hate it when people put themselves down that much.

Stupidity is like being foolish. You know better but you still do it.
Ignorance is not knowing in the first place.

With that aside, BFB has it right with the polorizer..(yes I'm a yank), but the filter is what gives that tonal effect you see in the photo.
Secondly, get as many books on the subject of photography as you can, and read, read, read! Learn everything you can, and if you cant get to a library, you have the internet.

The shot also looks like a medium shutter speed. You will have to learn all of the terminology, but if you keep it up, you will get to the talent point that you you see in the photo you linked and then surpass it. DON'T GIVE UP!

Start here:

Pick up the magazines as well.

One major point here... do not be afraid to ask. Everyone on this forum started somewhere. No question is dumb. Anyone who says so is an idiot themselves, or just arrogant.

And NEVER, EVER be afraid of making mistakes! Some of the best photos were "mistakes".

As for photoshop, go to ebay and buy an older version. (5.0 LE for $10.00) Sure it may be 4,6 or 7 years old years old, but if that is what you can afford, get it. Start somewhere.

Good luck.
tehbuffalo said:
Also, there are plenty "illegal" ways to get the newer versions of photoshop such as downloading it on **deleted**

Disclaimer: I do not promote any illegal actions. I do not partake in any illegal actions such as stealing and I do not support **deleted**

Just giving you options.
Neither does TPF support or promote any "illegal" ways to download and/or give options for such a route.

Sorry I will edit my post. I just know that some people like to chose that option.

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