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Oct 21, 2011
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Went to a town wide yard sale today...wasn't even looking for photography stuff.

Big win of the day was picking up two old Canon cameras...that came with 2 lenses each. One was an old Rebel 2000, but came with a brand new (still in box never used) 50mm 2.8 Macro (Quantaray which I believe is Sigma) and a 28-80mm lightly used lens and a Vivitar 2000 flash for the old camera...don't know that I could use it with my DSLR but hey if I ever want to learn film camera then I can learn on the Rebel with that flash. She also gave me a bunch of film, batteries, and other things.

The other camera is an old Canon T50 in mint condition...not worth anything I realize...but it also came with two lenses also in mint condition...a 50mm 1.8 and a 75-200mm...neither of which will work with my DSLR without an adapter so I don't know if it's worth it...but I figured hey why not...never know!

I picked all that up for 200 bucks.

I also picked up an old Vivitar 90-230mm lens...know nothing about it, but figured it wouldn't hurt. That cost me 5 bucks so I didn't mind.

I think I did pretty well...what do you think?
The last two lenses (the 50mm 1.8 and the 75-200mm) are for the T50...the other two are for the Rebel and yep they do work perfectly! :) I am actually happiest about the 28-80mm.
The Canon Rebel 2000 is 'old'?? LOL That gave me a good laugh...

Anyway, the T50 is pretty basic I think but if you have some good lenses you can do well with a basic mechanical camera. I have the same 50mm lens, that's a nice one and I did the same thing, bought a Canon AL-1 for the lens... because it was so cheap and in good working order. It's a spare since I already have an F1 but what I do is use one for color film, one for B&W, take two lenses along. Sometimes buying a used/vintage camera is worth it for the lens...

You might be interested in Film Photography Project | An Internet Radio Show & On-Line Resource for Film Shooters Worldwide - I think one of their videos might be about the T50, I saw something about that camera on there. They have a Flickr discussion group where you could ask questions if needed, and have videos on all sorts of topics even for beginners on how to load film.
LOL well, it's old to me, but I'm pretty young so what can I say... :D

I will have a look at that...thanks! I figure I can pick this stuff up as I go along and either I will find a use for it or I will have cool stuff hanging
:D Yes, you are right, this thread IS worthless without pics. I will assemble all the stuff together and take a pic for you. I would have done it earlier, but we made a split second decision to head out to a rodeo and we just got back. I know...a rodeo up here in Vermont. Basically unheard of. Anyway, I used the 28-80mm tonight at the rodeo so I'm anxious to see the results. I really enjoyed the range it had. I like my 18-55 for range, but I very rarely use it at 18mm and am always wishing for a bit more, so this is a nice range. And I tried the macro lens...holy cow...I am not used to a macro lens but it's nice. My favorite thing is macro. I love detail. So that makes me excited. I will be back shortly with pics!
You asked for pics, you got pics :)

The whole loot:

Canon T50 (dusty but otherwise in great cond. hardly used)

The lenses that came with that

EOS Rebel 2000

The two lenses that came with that (totally stoked over these)

The flash

The Vivitar lens

I bet you'll have a good time with the 50mm Macro!
Oh yeah!!! I used it for a few minutes yesterday and I was like whoa, now THIS, is cool. My favorite subject/area is macro. I LOVE the small details and often notice things others might I am thrilled about the macro!!

These are a couple of pics I shot with it...

My sister's necklace...and her eye. I was shocked by how thin the area of focus was...I am not used to it being that showed me just how much I move when I photograph!
And one shot with the 28-80mm...

Color cast is so warm there because this was the lighting at that moment:

Both taken with the 28-80mm. I really enjoyed using it.

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