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Nov 18, 2007
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During my trip to the beach I came along these two for me nice things.. worthed to shoot, and post.. open for c&c :wink:


2. (If wondering, yes, the cactus is growing out of the wall..)

Thanks for watching.. & comments etc..​
i feel off balance looking at the first picture
lopsided?....i dont know. it just feels like everything is on the left side.
I tend to agree with the lopsided-ness. The right hand side is totally open, but the left side is closed in, while the focal is directly centered. If you put the focal part slightly to the right in order to cut off some of that open space, it would make the picture more visually balanced. At least that's my opinion! (But then what do I know? I'm just a beadwork artist - not a photographer!)
Okay, will crop it down tomorrow.. see what that will look like.. it never botherd me, but that's why I need second opinions.. :)

Thx both..
Is it just my monitor or is the car really dark in the picture. Its a main attraction and the only real strong colour in the shot. I'd like to see much more colour in the car however. I'm not sure whether to like it or not, it doesn't jump out at me. I don't at all like the second shot, It doesn't really tell a story, and I'm put off by the centred attraction, and the post to the right.

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