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Aug 31, 2007
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Avoca Beach, NSW, Australia.
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Corinna and Andreas came to visit us in Pordenone today, so we showed them our town, had some lunch at one of our fave trattorias and then drove to nearby Portogruaro for another walk and an afternoon apperitivo. Corinna will have some shots of the town, these are just some snaps of people.
1 Andreas with the two ladies.

2 My turn.

3 Dessert

4 After lunch group shot...yes I should have used fill flash.

5 The view from our balcony.

6 Ileana.

7 Andreas.

8 Andreas in b&w.

9 Andreas and Corinna.
:clap: Good stuff! Great to see you and Ileana and Corinna and Andreas. And what an incredible view you have from your balcony
:clap: Good stuff! Great to see you and Ileana and Corinna and Andreas. And what an incredible view you have from your balcony

thanks Anty....yes we had a good day and yes the view is very nice....we'll miss this when we get back from Australia, as we're looking for an apartment to buy.

nice one!... would like to see more pics :)

thanks Arch.....I didn't take many pics but there are a couple of nearby Portogruaro over in Landscapes.
Heya Roger!
Heya all on TPF!

We're finally back. "Back" meaning: we left from southern Austria this morning and have one JUST arrived at Andreas's place in the Ruhr Area, from where I'll go back home to Lauenbrück tomorrow early in the day, Andreas will have to drop in at work and will then also come up to Lauenbrück for the remaining two days of his time off work.
I still haven't loaded any pics into any computer, as they will go on mine, not on Andreas's here, so adding my pics of the mini meet-up in Pordenone won't happen any earlier than tomorrow.

But I must say even now, today, from here, that it was a very pleasant meet-up, I enjoyed it a lot, and am happy we decided to "hop over" into Italy from where we were spending the past two weeks, as "hopping there" from HERE would mean 11 hours of travelling (not to mention a trip from Lauenbrück which would add another 3 hours to the journey!)

So I'm almost home, my pics are "almost there", and now I'll hop over into Landscapes to look for the pics from Portogruaro (I really liked that place, but I also liked Pordenone!).

Oh, and guess what, Roger: we made it to Venice, too! Only three days later, on the Wednesday following out meet-up!!! :D
nice shots!

I see Corinna is taking no chances and having TWO cameras close at hand! :)
Well, you are right, John, on that day I tried to give my dad's Leica a walkabout, too, but I still don't know what those photos look like, only handed in the film today. It'll take them a week (at least) to get it done, as black&white is not what they're used to do...

But here's the only digital photo of the four of us who met up, there is no other :( ...


I thought it was about high time I post it, too, as this thread is struggling and already breathing only raggedly ...
LaFoto #3 is a cruel picture to show someone who hasn't had breakfast yet :p

It looks like it was a lot of fun.
Sorry about that Garbz. But - I'm only in it (as is my desert) - I didn't take it, nor did I post it. Go. Blame Roger! :wink: :biggrin:
Cool. Nice to put faces with names. Looks like you all had fun.
Hi Corinna glad you made it to Venice, I'll look forward to some pics....we enjoyed the day too.....dan.rpo thanks I'm glad someone else likes that, it's my fave from the day.....thanks everyone for the comments.

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