Trade unique photography related, quality articles for links.

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    Aug 22, 2010
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    Hello all thephotoforum friends

    I'm looking for guest bloggers/writers/article posters to write unique content for my free photo blog.
    Idea is to trade your services for links.
    I accept any unique and quality photography related articles with maximum three links.

    this blog: FREE photos of Spain is programmed to post from 1 to 5 free pictures every day so far
    it has no pr yet but because is a google child it is very well indexed (blog is online only around 3 months)

    you can google for "free photos of spain"
    or take any image title you will see and google it like: picture title:site name you will notice that every single page is indexed

    interested in trade pls pm, thank you very much in advance
    my best regards


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