train tracks

Yep, now it is in the great camera bag in the sky :cry:.

Great photo however, is that HDR? I really like how the track leads you into the picture, but the pole on the right is distracting.
Technically, no. I used the same photo with two different exposures but instead of blending them like in an HDR I cut the sky out of one and pasted it into the other.
Sorry to say this guys, but Village Idiot just died, you can read about it and see the photos in my thread.
Nice composition- this really works. The exposure blend isn't excessive either. Nicely done on that front as well.

What lens are you using to get down to 15mm?
High Dynamic Range, where a series of exposures (one overexposed, one correctly exposed, one underexposed) are layered in PP so more detail is visible.

I like it alot, very nice wide angle effect.
NIce!! I like this shot a lot!

I would suggest cloning out the hydro pole on the left top of the picture.


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