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Mar 10, 2008
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I recently shot a story about a 19-year old girl who was recently diagnosed with cancer and given four weeks to live. Three months later she's fighting with everything she's got.

Here's the story if you want the full story: Galt?s Kari Salinas pulls no punches in her fight against leukemia - News

I took photos of her during one of her MMA training sessions. My managing editor, the sports editor and myself all wanted to follow her through her next round of chemo, her transplant and recovery, but the writer didn't want to do the extra work (lazy journalists are killing journalism but that's an entirely different topic) and didn't bother asking her if she'd be up for it(which she absolutely would have). Would have been very compelling work I'm sure but it's too late now. Her treatment started yesterday and they transplant is tomorrow.

So here are a few photos. Given that I had about 15 minutes to shoot I'm pretty happy with them. I wish I had more from other aspects of her life to show you, but I gotta take what I can get for now.

She is a fantastic person. Very cheerful. Hasn't let her health keep her from living.








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Touching how determined she is, I forgot I was looking at photograph on a forum!
Well done!
Awesome story and great shots to go with.
I like them. #1 and number #8 are my favorites. For me they show the strength and determination. :twothumbsup:
Great set of documentary pictures Dan and a great story. I know what you mean about journalism, having spent 20 years in the game before running away!
If anyone is going to beat cancer it will be her, a fighter all the way. I wish her all the best and hope there will be a happy update sometime soon!

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