Transformation station and a house at evening!


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Dec 30, 2011
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Hi there ppl, was out on a evening walk with my camera and found those ugly buildings in my path and thought maybe i can do somtething with it on a picture.

Well i got 2 pic's with my nikon d700 + sigma 12-24 @ 12mm f/4.5 booth shoots are made from a single RAW converted to jpg after a hit in PS/Camera RAW!


2. House at the transformation station

Interesting perspective/distortion...the lighting is great.
I like. I would like to see the sky pop a little more with that blue.
It's not a perspective I would have considered ... so thanks for opening my eyes to other possibilities.
#1: I really like the texture in the building at front - pity about the graffiti (but that's just showing my grumpy old man syndrome!!). I think the interest then lies on the right hand side. Good leading lines with interest/intrigue heightened by the bicycle and the yellow/gold building. I would have loved to see more of that right hand side (that lit row of windows makes me want to know more). I find the left hand side much weaker and a distraction (except for the branches above the building). The light on the left leads my eye away from the interesting parts. Would be nice to tone down the lights on the right (top of orange building). I would love to go back to that spot and reposition a bit to the right.
#2: Very strong lines here. Again for me the right is stronger than the left. I just wonder if you now wish you had move the two rubbish bins for the photo? Love the play of light and shadows along that pathway. Love the drainpipe and the number 8 - you have a good eye. There are a couple of bright spots in the sky (one left - one right) which I would think about cloning out. I just wonder how it would look in Portrait orientation so that you could see the base and top of the building - and reduce the less interesting left side. I love the mood and "atmospherics" in this image.
Thanks for sharing.
first one is really really outstanding; but in the second the thing is too much into your lens and so too much into our eyes.... the pipeline is too much a socialist bisector there; and you don't leave a space at top; i am at ease in first and suffocated in the second; but you can definitely create a wonderful series of this kind....

Regards :D
Thanks alot for input :) I'd bought this extreme vide lens couple month ago and still learning how to create something intresting out of a thing like the ugly transformation station..... I'll posting again when i find new thing to shot!

Have a great day ppl :)

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