Tree and Sun - Hazy Morning


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May 9, 2012
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This is one of my projects. I've shot it a half-dozen times trying to capture what I see. I pass by it every morning on the way to work. In this one the sun has been up for an hour or so, low on the horizon in a very foggy morning. One day I'll figure this damn tree out.

Nikon D850; 30mm Nikon lens

county road tree and sun in august bw.jpg
I can see why this interests you. Good setting for it. It would definitely be center of attention with it's surroundings.
Also, try this on a a cloudless day: F 16 and under exposed by 1 or 2 stops then shadows brought back a bit in post. Would be an interesting contrast to the hazy morning shot.

Also, maybe a long exposure moonlight shot.

Share them all together if you do.
I have one of those spots that over the last couple years has driven me crazy trying to capture what it is that keeps pulling me back. I suspect that it might be because sometimes the human eye/brain records a "vibe" that is beyond the capabilty of the camera.

It's really a good shot, though there's something about the crop that doesn't feel right. I've never been a fan of centering the focal point, but have no real suggestion on an alternative.
Interesting project. I think we too often ignore things that stare us in the face every day. Good stuff!!
I really like the dof it presents. I'm thinking just before it stops raining, a little sprinkle, and some sunlight is just starting to land on some of it. (a sun shower) That would give it some kick. Being that at that exact moment is another thing. :02.47-tranquillity:

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