tree removal in progress

How much should I charge me for cutting this tree?

  • Nothing, I would have to pay someone else if I didn't do it.

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  • $1,000. After all, tree work is tree work.

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  • I'd charge just enough to purchase a Nikon D810.

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Apr 13, 2012
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Some shots of the current tree work behind the garage.

The top is gone, but some wood is still above the garage.


Here's the main trunk and the last few limbs:


This pile is about 1/3 of the total brush, as I've chipped up the larger portion already.


Some of the logs. I've made arrangements for someone to take it all away. Except for one large crotch, which I'v promised to a friend who turns them into bowls.


I'm taking my time on this tree removal. I figure about two more days of cutting wood. I discovered a wasp nest in the eave of the garage.
No, not at this house. We had one in Lucas, but not this house in Ames. This house has a high-efficiency heat pump system, so pulling air in to burn wood defeats the purpose.
Damn! that's hard work. Easily worth a D810 plus you should sell the wood and pocket the cash.

Yup the D810. Plus a lens just for the stump removal!
Charge yourself as much as you think the Tax Office will rubber-stamp.
Ok, so you are giving your friend your crotch so they can turn it into a bowl.

Right. Well, good luck with that then. Lol

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I gave him a larger one a couple of years ago, and he made a "big-ash bowl" from it.
Get that camera! Saving money is like getting a windfall, which I certainly would spend on photography. You also got free mulch.

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