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Jan 19, 2008
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I'm using a Nikon D80, and a few questions have me stumped:

1. Can I shoot on continuous mode while using a remote control shutter release (the Nikon ML-L3)? What do you do, just hold down the remote button and the continuous shooting takes care of itself? The reason I ask is that I'd like to do this when bracketing for HDR shots.

2. Without resorting to manual focus, is there any way to lock my focus without holding down the AE-L/AF-L button or the shutter-release button? The reason I ask, again, is for shooting remotely with the ML-L3. In other words, how does anyone lock their focus when shooting remotely? Do they all have to resort to manual focus?

Thanks for any help!
Not sure on the first one but as for the second one why not focus, on auto if you insist, and then switch to manual focus so the focus does not move.
Cool. I didn't know the focus you got in auto would stick if you switched to manual. Good to know. Thanks.
As far as the first question is concerned... I don't have the wireless remote; I used the tethered MC-DC1. But if I hold the button down with the camera in continuous mode, it keeps taking pics until I release the button.

I wasn't sure about continuous and bracketing together, though, until I tried it. Set bracketing for 3 frames, selected continuous mode, pushed the release and held it down. It took three photos.

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