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Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by catweh00, Mar 13, 2005.

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    Ok, this thread is not about great locations, but rather general questions regarding a trip I am going to take. I need your advice because this decision I need to make is driving me insane.

    Ok, I'm going to live with a house-family in Guanajuato, Mexico for two weeks. I'm going to take advanced Spanish courses and the like for 6+ hours a day. After that, I want to take some pictures.

    I am having a lot of trouble deciding if I should bring my new d70, with all lenses etc, or take my old nikon 2020. The 2020 is a professional build camera, very sturdy, metal, with all lenses being compatible. However, its a film camera and I do much better with my d70.

    What would you all do? I know I am being a wuss, but I don't want my d70 getting stolen or damaged. Also, are there portable hardrives where I could download my pics from my compact flash card?

    Thanks for any advice, and if there are portable hard drives, point me in the right direction and I will buy one.


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    I would bring the d70 if it were me. I think it would be more important to shoot with the camera that you're more confortable with so you don't look back at any of your pictures with any regret.

    As for the portable storage devices, there are a ton out on the market. They have any range from those that show your pictures on a built in LCD to the kind that burn a CD without a computer. The only one that I've seen a review on is the Epson 2000. It has a built in LCD and a 40GB HDD along with the CF slot. That puppy will run you about $500. Check out B&H or Ritz because both of them have a special section for thier portable storage devices.

    Good luck with your trip and tell us all about it when you get back! :D
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    And make sure you have plenty of batteries. I have a buddy who searches for frogs in the rainforests of Costa Rica. He normally uses a DSLR for much of his work, but when he goes down there he switches to an old style mechanical film SLR. He said he can't get batteries, and it's too wet for the DSLR and his laptop. He's forced to use primative film and pens and paper. ;)
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    You may want to think about picking up a cheap laptop computer, they're close to the same price as storage devices plus you can load your favorite editing program too.
    Just my $0.02 worth and hope you have fun amigo!

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