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Jan 15, 2013
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New york
I'm looking at tripods for my D7100. My heaviest lens is a Nikkor 70-300mm VR, and I believe the total weight should be lower than 5lbs, but let's say 6lbs to be safe.

I'm looking for something light and that I can fit in my manfrotto veloce vii (which can hold up to 18in). I'd be fine with having to remove the head to make it fit. My budget is around $200.

I saw a benro a16-91 travel angel, which comes with a b0 ball head which can hold up to 17.6lbs. I read some reviews and some have noted that the head is not that stable.

So I saw a benro travel flat 1190t, on which I'd have to add the head. For that purpose I'd like to get a head with a heavier load capability than the b0. The price would end up being prretty much the same.

Does anybody have experience on these? OR maybe some recomendations?

I'm now up to three tripods (and two monopods) <sigh>. I do own a Benro Travel Angle CF tripod and a B-00 head (which is even smaller than a B-0). I bought it because it's EXTREMELY light, would easily pack into any suitcase for travel purposes and I can carry it all day long and hardly notice it's there.

It "handles" the weight of the camera BUT it will vibrate because it's not nearly as solid as my larger Induro or Manfrotto tripods (both of which are EXTREMELY solid.)

But that just means you have to work with it differently. If it's windy then I need to stand to block/minimize the wind. Also I'll use a remote release so that my hand doesn't induce a vibration when I press the shutter button. If I forget the release (which I have done more than once) then I'll use the 2-second delay timer which is generally enough time to let the tripod settle before the shutter trips.
Thanks for your reply. Besides the vibration, does the ball head keep the angle you set the camera to, or does the weight make it creep? Would you recommend using it with a 70-300? ANd if I undersdant correctly, in no wind conditions you have never experienced vibration problems, right?

Thanks again
Don't worry too much about the weight rating for tripod far as I know, there really isn't a standard for that, that actually means anything. Practically any tripod head could hold 50+ lbs...or even their rated weight at 90 degrees. But just how stable are they in those positions? Just realize that for the most part, the bigger (and better constructed) a head is, the more stable it is likely to be. Your gear isn't all that big or heavy (although I think that lens gets rather long when zoomed all the way out) just about any tripod head that is designed for SLR cameras, should do the trick.

While I don't own one...I've been really impressed with the fit & feel of Gitzo heads with the dial control. Something like this...Gitzo GH1780QR Center Ballhead with Quick Release - GH1780QR B&H
or this
They are certainly compact...albeit, pretty expensive.

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