Tripod or mono pod?


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Mar 1, 2009
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I hate using a tripod, but I think I need something for stability as I will be purchasing the Canon 70-200 F2.8 IS lens and I hear it can get heavy. For shooting sports and other events would a mono pod be better? Would it allow me to move around more freely? I have never used one and am wondering if there is an adavntage in using one. Thanks
A monopos would be better for sports. A Tripod Is usefull more when your using long exposures.
A tripod CAN be used as a monopod, its not the best way to use a tripod and its rather awkward, but it works better than hand holding.
The monopod is great. One limitation is you need to be working horizontal, tilting up and down is a problem. I also have a slick little pocket thing that hangs from my belt. I shorten up the monopod and stick it in there. I can move around easy, hike with a big lens and be ready at all times but the weight is all on my hips. I thought it was kind of corny when I openned up the packaging but I have found that I use it a lot.
Actually horizontal and vertical tilting shouldn't be a problem as long as you get a head that suits you.
Yes.. you can use a variety of heads to help with that.... For heavier lenses, I generally prefer to leave the head off as most have a tripod ring.
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I really like this monopod, but I wouldn't do without a tripod either.
I too have that monopod (Kundalini linked) I love how easily and quickly it can be adjusted. Minor things I didn't like.

1) It is relatively heavier than most monopods of equal specifications
2) It is relatively still long in length once collapsed all the way.

Both are minor and the benefits of the neotec outweighs... I have another monopod used for times I need something more compact (Gitzo Traveler)
Monopod with ball head ... easy to physically move around ... ball head provides a lot of movement if you get a good one with nice even tension.

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