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Sep 9, 2007
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Sydney, Australia
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Can anyone tell me about Velbon Sherpa 443Q Tripod with PHD-51Q head? I'm planning to get one.
Thank you!
Sorry, have no experience with that particular brand. However, as a general rule, you should try to get to store that carries it to try it out. Weight, stability and funtion will be key issues in your selection. Also check the maximum rating that it can handle with your heaviest gear to make sure it can support it. Choose the best tripod head that suits your need. Pan heads are ideal for landscapes, architecture, etc; whereas ball-heads are ideal for nature and macro work.
Just go to a camera store and see them there. that way you get to see how sturdy and how good the build quality is...
Never seen it or used with it, but looking at the specs if it was me I would pass on it. Maximum weight capacity is listed at only 1.5 kilos. Not a lot of support there considering your camera body alone (I'm assuming you will be using the 400D) is 1/2 a kilo. Any lens of any size will get it close or even exceed that capacity of the tripod.

For about the same money you could get something like this:
Supports 11 pounds/5 kilos.

Or something like this:
Supports 12 pounds/5.5 kilos.
Thanks guys, your advice changed my mind (wanted to safe a few bucks ordering it from Taiwan), but probably will go to the local shop where I saw some good Giottos tripods for twice as much (MT8350 for AUD$225 without head).

It's more in the quality than the price. I am sure there are good quality tripods out there that do not cost an arm and a leg. The local shop sells Victory brand. Seem like a manfrotto knock-off, but are decent and half the price. Just ask yourself, "Can I leave my leave my $1300 camera and $1700 lens on the tripod and back-off a bit without worry that it will fall over?" That should settle it there. :mrgreen:

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