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Jun 8, 2003
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I am looking for a somewhat light weight tripod.
60" to 72" in height range. mainly for nature, outdoors area. Various hiking and back counrty terrian.

I was looking at this but was wondering if anyone had any suggestions.
... looks good!

I use Manfrotto's black "190b" pro-model which travels with me everywhere i go and has never let me down

One suggestion - use a ball head

Enjoy your shopping!


I've got a manfrotto as well

couldn't find the type quickly on that site

tripod is in my CD-shop, I'm at home now
Jeff Canes said:
Spec list the weight as 6.2 lb, I thought hiker usually tried to cut down backpack weight.

Have you looked in to using a monopod, are if it is in your budget carbon fiber

Manfrotto link

Silly me i forgot about this thread. Well i dont hike for days on end. Usually day hike. It was just that tripod had most of the things i wanted.

JDog you have a link?

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