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Dec 19, 2007
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I'm a begginner so bare with me but I am having trouble getting crystal clear photos from my Canon S5 IS...I played a bit last night with a bunch of settings but now it's resetted and i'm still having trouble..

When I take pictures with the Zoom 2x in macro mode it does beautiful pictures but when I try to take shots of a face (Mine for example) It's almost never clear..

I noticed that the background looks very good..Maybe it's a question of focus?

I tried resting my camera on something so maybe it was my hands shaking but it does the same.

So, it's with AUTO Mode, with all standard settings.

Here's a great zoomed in shot :

Here's what most of my face shots look like :

It looks like a problem with focus. On the 'close up' shots where you're behind the camera, it's easy to see where it's focusing. But if you're on the other side of the lens, it's not so easy.

If you're using a timer, try to prefocus on something like a broom, or a chair - something you can move easily - and then get into the frame in place of that item you focused on. It does look like it's perfectly focused on the picture hanging on your wall, or possibly the lamp.
in the shot of you it appears to be focused perfectly in the lamp. try what JDS said, also don't lean into the shot it'll throw off the focus also.
Yeah it looks like the auto focus decided the background was the area of interest (yummy sandwich!)

I think you'll find most folks up here will suggest moving beyond the auto mode, and it can take some time to learn the best settings. IME that camera seeks bright spots and focuses wherever that happens to be. So a darker background might help.

Maybe set it to the 'creative zone' and pull focus on something of equal distance to your seated position. Then snap a few (timed I guessing) shots and adjust your body position forward and back slightly in an attempt to capture the correct focal point.

I think you'll find it is much easier to shoot looking through the camera, and so maybe the mirror technique is the way to go for now.

Let's try this.

EDIT : Much better just using the ''P'' setting I guess :

Look into the camera I think it'll look better.

Also, the focus points are confused. Try using the Macro mode on yourself and see if it works. This way it won't focus far away.
I guess this is a little bit more complicated than I thought :p
I think the real problem you are having is that you are trying to rush the auto-focus. You need to compose your shot and just like with a DSLR you need to press the shutter button halfway down look on th screen and you will see your subjects come in focus and then take your shot. I think your camera will take the shot wether the subject is in focus or not so you need to take your time a little more and allow your camera to focus.
A camera, once focused, will usually emit a beep or tone to let you know it is focused, then you press the shutter down all the way.

Not all cameras do this, but most of them.
I don't think it will emit a beep but you still have to focus.
Yes that might be the cause haha..I'm used to my old cheap point and shoot camera..

Anyone has nice websites that explains how to adjust your camera?

Mine might need some fine tuning and I am a total noob, even after reading the instructions booklet.
Btw anyone knows when or when not to use the flash?

I tend to keep away from it because it makes stuff look unnatural but it always make the photos clear..

Here's a good pic I took of my father goofing around..Without the flash.

It took about 20 tries before I could get a clear one..

So is this good?

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