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Dec 9, 2008
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I'm having some troubles with GIMP and layers. I took 3 different shots of my cat on a tripod in 3 different locations. I was wanting to use layers to have 1 picture of 3 (same) cats in the same frame. I'm really struggling with this. Can somebody gimme some help :)
Why did you move the tripod?

Didn't move the tripod....the cat was in 3 different locations. The tripod/camera never moved.

I reread that and I was unclear, sorry
Just put in the three layers in, then erase the top layer where the second image of the cat is and then erase the two images where the third cat is.
When I erase, its white......GIMP noob
right click on a layer, then go to add mask. add a white mask. then paint and it should work
Got it fixed....thanks guys :)

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