Trying a new technique for skin in PS


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Nov 28, 2007
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Nanaimo, BC Canada
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Is it too far?

It IS a fantastic portrait. Without a 'before' and not knowing the model, it's difficult to say whether you went too far:).

However, IMHO it looks very natural and I would expect a young girl to have skin like that. I would be proud to have taken it (as would many people on this site I expect:lol:)

Well done
Looks natural to me. Do you mind sharing your technique?
Looks soft and smooth but still has some skin texture to it. Looks great to me.
It looks good! I might add just a tiny bit of shadow back in around her nose though. Also (and it could be my monitor) I see a bit of a red/magenta color cast on her skin:wink:.
looks like an amazing photograph, the whites in her eyes seem too white which i think is also the reason that her pupils and eye lashes seem to dark
Don't reserve PS just for skin. Take care of the fly away hair too, and make sure that her eye colour shows up.

I like you edit A LOT more than the original. I don't think it is "too far" I think it is flattering and nice. (and we women like that!)
Looks very good, I am curious to know your technique also.
Thanks! I'll work on the eyes a bit more. The technique is from Scott Kelby's book. I can't remember which one right now but I'll edit this when I get home and let you know.
Nice retouch. The stray hairs bother me though.
Another kick light would have been good too, but otherwise, very nicely done.

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