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Dec 12, 2007
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Hey guys!

I just have a quick question here...I'm looking to upgrade my current camera. I've got a Canon Powershot S5 IS. I'm thinking about a DSLR, since I don't ever point and shoot, and I always use manual settings. I hardly ever take videos either so...a DSLR is looking like the best thing for me.

The question is: which one? I've narrowed it down to the Canon Rebel XTi or the Nikon D40x. I'd like to keep it under at or under 800 dollars for the body and lens. That being said, are these the only two contenders there another camera that's equally as good for around the same price?

I mostly take scenery pictures with a few macros here and there. Most of what I take pictures of doesn't if that's important...
I care about the quality of the pictures and the comfort and 'feel' of the camera. I still can't figure out if the rebel XTi is actually smaller than my Powershot S5 or not...but the Rebel seems a tad small (I have big hands). But then again, so does the S5.

I really don't know, but if you guys could just list whatever you think would be good for me, I'd really appreciate it

Oh, and I'm assuming that a 8-10MP DSLR is going to yield better pictures than my 8MP Powershot S5, correct?
Sorry, double-post for some odd reason
Oh, and I'm assuming that a 8-10MP DSLR is going to yield better pictures than my 8MP Powershot S5, correct?

It's not the pixel count, it's the quality of the pixel. I feel my old DSLR with 5 1/2 MP provides as good/better images than 10 MP P&S that came out 2 years later. The larger sensor permits bigger pixels w/ more color saturation, less noise, and greater sharpness due to the higher quality lenses. Not to mention more control of the exposure process and a wider range of optics and accessories.
I already knew that, hence why I said "8-10MP DSLR" and "8MP Powershot". The question was not about the MP, but about the type of camera. So you are, in a roundabout sort of way, saying that a DSLR is going to be tons better than my powershot. Correct?
the S5 is a great camera. You may or may not get better's up to you.

I would say go with the Rebel, cause the D40 limits your Nikon lens choice. (Has no AF motor)
I was assuming that a larger sensor coupled with a higher megapixel count would increase sharpness/overall image quality; especially with larger prints. Was I wrong about that? I still can't see how a camera that costs 350 bucks that's not even JUST a camera, could out-perform a 600 dollar camera that is JUST a camera.

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