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Nov 3, 2012
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On my only willing subject. :lol: Caught myself pointing my hand to the light the way I point a hand a the wind when I'm sailing and confused. More than once. :confused:

Thanks so much for the tethering help guys.


It's a nice profile look at you. I wish it had just a little bit more illumination though. I just spent two and a half days watching Clay Blackmore's seminar on Creative Live, and he did profiles of every subject, so, profiles are kind of on my mind now. (I brought this into Lightroom, so I'm aware of how it was lit originally.)
I've had that on in the background during kitchen duty! Okay fine instead of kitchen duty. Don't tell Mr Squirrels.

I'm hoping to get him to model for me.
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I'm aware of how it was lit originally.

This cracked me up because, I had visions of you zooming in on catch lights and seeing my amazon "soft" box. :mrgreen:


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