Trying to salvage a few older, lower quality pics...

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Jun 18, 2010
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I found my old camera today and used photoshop to try and give some very ordinary pictures I had a little "artsy" feel to them with some cross processing or retro effects.

Anyone like one of these? Feel free to tear them apart. Just a little experiment I had...



It never hurts to experiment.

The trick is recognizing when a experiment supports the hypothesis being investigated and when it disproves the hypothesis.
I kinda like the effect you gave the 3rd image. Photo itself is a bit noisy but effect-wise looks cool.
Thanks. I guess the experiment was to see if by a little processing (which I don't do much of at all other than a little contrast/color adjustments...good practice doing something more today!) I was able to make a photo I would normally ignore or discard, somewhat aesthetically pleasing.

At least from my perspective, I think it actually works somewhat. I certainly think I like these more than the originals.

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