Turbulence ahead!! C&C please :D


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Sep 2, 2011
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So today I was out with my girlfriend to an island. Knowing we would be in sand and water, I just brought her point & shoot instead of my DSLR.
As we were coming back by boat to the continent, a storm started to form. Knowing we were passing a nearby airport, I picked up the camera and was ready.

Few minutes later we got an airplane to cross the exact plane I was hoping it would cross, between the setting sun behind some heavy clouds.

C&C welcomed!!!

Turbulence ahead por KreGgiants, no Flickr
Okie dokie...I love shots like these...They dont have to be ' technically good' or 'right' to me...they just have to be fun, and this one fits the bill!
Looks good to me - may not be necessarily technically correct (whatever that is), but this is one of those images that you take what you can get when you can get it and hope for the best. The only thing that is lacking for me, is some indication of distance or depth - how close - how far, but we can't always have what we want - good capture.


i like it it is REALLY cool!! and if you want to get technical its "underexposed" but if it wasnt it wouldnt be as cool!!
Yep, the plane was passing almost above us, really not that far. So I had to shoot almost straight up to the sky, not being able to get any reference.

About it being underexposed, I knowingly metered off the clouds and the sun behind them, to achieve the silhouette look on the plane :)

What I like most of this picture is that it seems like the plane is gonna be eaten up by the dark clouds, that kind of forms a wave or so hehe

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