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Aug 29, 2010
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For the first time I've tried the photoshop tilt-shift effect. I asked my mom, and she said it didn't look like a miniature. Then again, she told me another one I found on the interwebz didn't look like one either - and that was apparently a miniature to me! lol

Anyway, have a go at the processing, don't mind the rest. If the scene is unfitting, please say so. I've added a larger original for those who may want to try it themselves as a demonstration to aid me to success! :D

Porsvik mini by Anders Myhre Brakestad, on Flickr

Porsvik by Anders Myhre Brakestad, on Flickr
I'm a bit confused.
Are both of these miniature?
The second one looks great...looks incredibly real.
Only the first was an attempt at the miniature effect. I really like the second as it is, but I thought it was a good perspective for a miniature scene :)
It definitely looks like a miniature to me!!! Very cool!

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