Two interesting items fro The Guardian - one about 'free' work and the otehr photographic in nature.


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Dec 11, 2006
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An email from Jenny Diski about pople expecting work for free addressed to the Guardian who asked her to a discussion and planned not to pay.

Response from Guardian who are upset that I went public with my complaint. About not paying speakers

Dear Gemma
> When you say you don’t pay fees unfortunately, I suppose you must mean unforturnately for me. I have bills to pay and I don’t have a wealthy husband or wife. Why on earth would The Guardian be unable to pay me? Because everyone is a freelance now, with the emphasis on free? Because everyone else but me has an allowance from their parents? Because you just don’t give a **** about your ‘content providers’? Give me break, guys. You want an interesting debate on happiness? Try starting by paying contributers. And making them happy, or at least not needing to glance at gutters for the price of one of your papers.
> Yours freely
> Jenny Diski

Note about 2 screens down there is a strange B&W and color image.

Jenny Diski interview: 'The mediocrity of fiction is really to do with feeling cosy’

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