Two kittens in black & white


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Sep 19, 2012
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Istanbul, Turkey
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I was taking a walk by the seaside here in Istanbul when I came across two lovely kittens sitting by their mother. Being a cat lover, I approached her and gave her some milk. Upon being sure I wouldn't hurt her babies, she let me take two quick shots of them with my 50mm 1.8 lens. I just converted them into B&W and am sharing the results with you guys.


Kitten in Suadiye, Istanbul by batmura, on Flickr


Kitten in Suadiye, Istanbul 2 by batmura, on Flickr
I can't say I like cats. But these little guys are pretty cute lol nice dof
I'd like to see a little more depth on the first one, but otherwise I think these are good. They are adorable.
They look like a little overexposured and overdeveloped prints from film. Kitten look cute, but a bit more of dof would be beneficial.

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