Two more horses from the shoot

Discussion in 'General Gallery' started by writer45, Jun 19, 2008.

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    Here are a couple more from the shoot the other day.




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    I like both of these and I think you are getting very good composition with respect to the subject of the shots - number 1 is well exposed and the lighting is soft and shining on the plane you are focusing the shot on.
    2 is possibly (I am using a flatscreen) a tiny bit overexposed where the sun touches the fur which is a little distracting from the eye of the horse. Were you to repeat such as shot I would play close attention and try to get the light behind you so that it illuminates the subject directly - after that I would use lower your exposure (exposure compensation to -1) when the sun is out and lighting your subject - just to take that edge off it and preserve the details in the whites (or where the light is intense)
    **edit - just looked again at the shot and I think its more the angle of the light rather than it being too intense that is distracting me**

    Finally I think you have a wonderful depth of field for these shots, really brings out the horse only (and fence in the first ;)) so I would not worry about this but I would try to get an empty background as much as I could - the first is fine, the out of focus horse is part of the scene, but the house in 2 is a little distracting

    Overall 2 really good shots and some wonderful work with depth of field - hope to see more!

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