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    Hello everybody!
    This is my first post, and i hope thje first of a long long list of them
    My name's Francisco Hernandez. I am beginner into digital photography.
    I try to learn as much as i can,specially on these kind of forums where you cand find so useful advices and meet interesting people.
    Here are two of my websites i am currently working on...
    First is:
    Is my place where i put my digital works..
    I made the site with macromedia flash, and i try to update everytime i have a breaktime.
    All shoots were made with finepix s2pro ( i'm trying my best to save money for a nikon d2x, my budget is poor ),but i am happy with the capabilities of that camera.

    Other site is this:

    Is NOT finished...almost all sections are empty but nowadays a image gallery can be seen in there...(go only to the english version)
    It's about the kind of pictures i like to shot..let's say "artistic"..with the shutter opened for long exposures and using colored lights..
    I hope you will like...
    Well.....hope you will like the shoots
    Any advice or suggestion is welcome!
    (Also any english lesson too):blushing:


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