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Two Shots from Tonight, C&C Please


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Oct 3, 2010
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Dallas, TX
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Two shots that I'd love to hear some feedback on, thanks guys!

1. f/22 30 sec ISO-100

2. f/4.2 3 sec ISO-100
Can you post them in colour? It's hard to tell but they seem underexposed.
I used to have this problem when shooting low light and was far to trusting of my light meter. Can I ask why you've shot at f22 at iso 100? That's far too much for the image, you'll lose a lot of quality at f22 when in low light. I personally would've shot at around f9 and iso 600 and then made adjustments from there.

Composition wise they're nice! You've thought about the subject and what you're going to shoot, but you've lost a lot of quality on the second image from shooting in f22 that it almost looks out of focus. Personally if it were me I would gotten down on my knees or maybe even lie down on the floor make the building seem much larger.
You're tilting down from left to right.. Other than that I like the shots, but agree tha they seem a little underexposed.. Did you switch to B&W because you got an orange color in your pictures? I'd kind of like to see that shot taken lower, like you're getting drawn into the image by the grass leading to the building. I don't know, maybe that'd turn out awful, but I'd still like to see it :p

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