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Mar 8, 2007
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So a while back, as some of you know, Sony released their second dslr, the A700. Right now i own the a100 and its a pretty decent camera, but they seemed to fix most/all the problems of the a100 when they designed the a700 (burst speed, noise at high ISOs, weather sealing is better, better IS, the list goes on) so I've decided to save up some money on the side and buy this camera. Now i'm sort of stuck right now though. I'm not sure HOW to make this money. I'm trying to do it without using money from my job (yearbook photographer making 60 dollars every 2 weeks) or much from savings. Right now, with money i already have and money coming in soon, i'm at about the half way point. I'm saving 1000 dollars and selling the a100 and just paying the extra. So does anyone have any ideas as to how I could make the extra money? I know it seems like sort of a random question but i figured, with all these photography people, i'm sure many of you have lots of gear that you had to pay for SOMEHOW, so, if anyone has any ideas, shoot them my way. paypal donations wouldnt hurt either :wink:

just in case anyone feels generous enough to donate to a starving artist of sorts, my paypal email is [email protected]

I also have quite a bit of gear, but i dont know if i want to sell any of it. i have a 20mm f1.8 lens that i rarely use but i feel like it still might come in handy some day...
Manual labour. No I'm not kidding. I laboured at a factory for a year and earned far more money than any of my friends. They pay through the nose for that kind of work.

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