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Mar 26, 2009
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Howdy all - my first post.

I am planning a move to Maui and really looking forward to some underwater snaps - which I have never done. I shoot with a Sony A700 and am looking at getting the Ikelite housing. Anybody have any experience with the product? Will it house any size lens? Also is there any particular filters I should look into for shooting underwater?

Scared out of my mind to dunk the camera under water - any advice on insurance would be appreciated as well.

Put the camera as a rider on your home insurance policy. Most insurers will give you something to cover theft, fire, and accidental damage.

No idea on the case though sorry.
I am not even an authority on ikelite housings or underwater photography in general but do have an ikelite housing with 2 strobes for about 3 years now. I think it's a wonderful product so long as you know its limitations. The houseings are a bit bulky and not always the easiest to use but for the price you'd be hard pressed to find anything better. I probably have taken my housing underwater close to 200 times and have not had it leak. Strict attention to your o-rings is key. Lens selection will depend on whether you get the dome on front or not. You will have to check with them for specific combinations
Thanks for the advice guys - I've been reading alot and heard alot of opinions about strobes - now I do not own scuba gear and I'm broke so I don't plan on purchasing any time soon - my main focus would be shooting in shallow waters and surf shots. My question - do you think its neccessary to invest in a strobe just yet if I'll only be in a few feet of crystal clear hawaiin waters?

As for the insurance I've been living out of my 82 VW camper for almost a year now - home insurance isn't quite in the cards - but still appreciate the reply!!

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