undergoing upgraditis and have some stuff for sale


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Dec 13, 2007
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I have the following items for sale:

Nikon 180mm D F/2.8 $360.00 firm (+free shipping)
Lowepro 200 slingshot bag $40.00 firm (+free shipping)
Nikon SB-400 $75.00 firm (+free shipping)
Nikon MC-30 Shutter Release $35.00 firm (+free shipping).

All of these are in excellent condition.

The SB-400 has the original box; it is NIKON Korea--NOT grey market (purchased in ROK).

The Nikon 180mm would make a excellent "walk around" for candids either on the street or at events. Extremely light for a prime telephoto with superb boken. I wish I could keep it but with my latest rounds of ebay aquisitions, I ended up with a Nikon 80-200mm F/2.8 and a SIGMA 120-300mm F/2.8 (with 1.4x converter) and do not need 3 lenses to cover the same area.

The SB400 would be idea for the D40/D40x or even the p5100; it is small and lightweight but gives you the ability to ceiling bounce.

The MC-30 has never been used but does not include the original packaging; I purchased this but didn't get around to using it (or attempting to) for a few months and then discovered the sales guy had sold me the wrong shutter release (to late to exchange).

Will ship USPS Priority mail to the states (from zip 96205); APO addresses are OK. Can also ship to Republic of Korea through Korean Post Office.

Pay Pal or USPS money order ships on receipt; all others will ship after 10 days of clearing.

I have 17 out of 17 positives on ebay and can also provide the front side of a military ID to verify identity.
BUMP and updated to add the MC-30.
LowePro AW200 Sold!
LowePro AW200 Sold!

Keith, thanks for the purchase. I will ship in the morning (it is midnight here). It generally takes 3-4 days with priority mail from my location.

Photoincollege I will post pics tommorrow.
I'm intrested in the SB400 if you still have it. Thanks. I'm at APO 09720.

I sent you a PM and an EMAIL with my phone number. Call me ASAP.

The bag you sent was an incredibly smelly AW100. It reeks of cigarette smoke, and it was blatant false advertisement. You had advertised an AW200, and sent an AW100.

For $10 more, I could have purchased a BRAND NEW one that didn't stink!

Others... watch out for this guy. His seventy-something score on TPF makes him sound legit, but let's wait to see what he does to take care of this mishap he started.
I just wanted to update this. It sounds like it was a simple accident, and Michael has emailed me and is going to take care of me. I'll let you know how this turns out.
I just wanted to update this thread. The seller, Michael, has refunded all of my money for the bag. I was thrilled with his willingness to help, and would totally buy from him again.

Thanks, Michael!

Keep the bag; sorry about the cigarette smell--I did not realize it was imbedded. Hopefully you can wash it and get rid of most of it and get some use from the bag.

I had bought the bag in Seoul and thought it was a 200 at the time(language barrier). Sorry for the incovenience and worry.

Wow, you don't get that type of service anywhere. Thanks, Michael, and I hope all the best for you in your sales of other equipment. You took care of me very well, and I know you are a reliable seller. Thanks again!

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