Union Pacific 844

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    I assume some of you are old enough to remember when locomotives belched steam instead of diesel fumes and the sound of their whistles carried for miles in the night air. There are not many of these steel behemoths left in operating condition. Union Pacific 844 is one of them and it is on a historic trip from Cheyenne, Wyoming, to Brownsville, Texas. It stopped overnight in Fort Worth giving me a chance to reminisce and catch a few shots of this fully restored 4-8-4 locomotive. From its delivery to Union Pacific in 1944, the last steam engine they purchased, till 1954 it pulled well know passenger trains such as the Overland Limited, the Los Angeles Limited and the Portland Rose. From 1955 to 1957 it served as a freight hauler in Nebraska. Saved from being scrapped in 1960 is now preforms duties as an excursion train and is used for PR trips for Union Pacific.


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    wow... beautiful image. I wouldn't change anything

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