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University? :O


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Nov 15, 2005
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Hi all, just finished more exams :(

but its time to choose my A levels (already =|) and one is going photography... i was just wondering if any of you knew of any universities that have a good reputation for photography and that as my "careers adviser" has told me to find out...

so any recommendations / help will be very appreciated
I would advise against doing Photography as an A-Level because a lot of Universities are discounting 'soft' subjects (Drama, Media, Law and so on). They score low on the points chart so you might find it a handicap.
You should also be aware that Universities offering Degrees in Photography are of two sorts: old and 'new'.
The old Universities offer Photography BA usually as a technical academic subject which is probably not what you want.
The 'new' Universities used to be Polytechnics and still behave as such with the result that their courses tend to be crap.
The 'traditional' route is to take Photography as an Art subject which means doing a Foundation Course in Art at an Art College and then going on to do a 3 year Vocational BA at another Art College.
Foundation Courses are run by most local Colleges and give you a basic grounding in all disciplines. Art Colleges tend not to accept students that have not done a Foundation.
Taking that route does mean, however, that A-Level Photography becomes a viable option.
You have to judge Art College courses by reputation, who they have as visiting lecturers and the 'feel' of the place. If you don't like it don't go.
Bournemouth used to be the best (still good for film) but it went downhill in the late 80's/early 90's. Still has some reflected glory and has some very successful old boys.
Swansea, Brighton and Bradford have all been good in their day. As was Derby (John Blakemore still has connections with it).
Manchester Metropolitan does some interesting visual Arts course - well worth checking out (Paul Blatchford used to be in charge there but I'm not sure he still is).

PS You can't get a loan or a grant for a Foundation course - yo have to come up with the cash. Course fees vary from College to College. My eldest is currently doing a Foundation and it is costing me about £5,000 - but that includes over £3,500 for accommodation.
just the person i wanted to hear from! thank for all that info! i have the funding sorted out when it comes to it, lots to take in there, will show my dad later,

thanks one again
The above just proves this is a great place to share information - Hertz well done in providing more information that he will ever hope to get from a school career advisor.
Savannah College of Art and Design is an extremely prestigious art college (private, so expensive), set in a great town. But you would have to hop the pond.
Of course Hertz has the knowledge. Personally my college years at School of Visual Arts in New York basically made me. If you love photography then you have to stick with it no mater what.

Love & Bass
Well here In the States a guess that college is structured just a bit differently, but its my opinion that from where, and what you bachelors degree is, matters very little. Sure a degree unlocks the door to many opportunities, but you have to use you experience and portfolio to open the door. Plus if you get a higher degree; masters, phd, jd whatever, nobody cares where you did you undergrad.

I'm disgusted with the university I'm at right now, but I don't care anymore I just want out with a piece of paper that has my name on it with some letters behind it.

Please take this with a grain of salt; cynicism is one of my best qualities.

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