I was accepted into Falmouth for the past September, but circumstances changed and I decided not to go.
Very good uni for photography and stunning location.
Well Falmouth just opened the new multi-million photography campus this year, and it looked awesome. But as you say, each Uni is better for specific courses.
I was restricted to which uni's I could apply to because my wife was applying to do nursing and only a couple of uni's had another uni close by that did her course.
I work in Canary Wharf which is just across the water from Greenwich uni and although I'm not sure what it's like re. photography courses, the buildings themselves are a pleasure to shoot, they're steeped in history and if you really know your camera stuff you can get great pics of teh buildings (especially the Painted Hall of the chapel) and also of the water in the evening..try a shot of the Canary Wharf skyline too, the pictures come out great :)

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