Unplanned purchase... Olympus 35 SP


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Jun 20, 2021
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Spotted a great deal on this beauty while browsing and could not resist!

First inspection looks good so far, in fact it looks literally unused, no marks on the battery cover at all, nothing around the shutter release - even the original strap is completely abraision free.
Light meter working, fungus free etc so fingers crossed! I think it has been liberated from the back of a sock drawer...

Seller imports from Japan, has a relative who spots candidates and sends them over - he then services and sells, won't mention the price but less than half what I am seeing them for on various sites back home and those in obviously very used condition, have used him before for my Olympus M-1 which has proved to be excellent so fingers crossed this time also.

Will post pics soon (hopefully!).

All these sweet compacts are tough to find in dependable shape. The battery issue can be a bit of a PITA but there are workarounds. Nice find.
OMG! I used to have one of those and it was tremendous. Used it in high school working on the yearbook and my classmate in charge of the photo work would rave over the incredible contrast I got in my pix over anyone elses pix. We were all using the same film (don't remember what - TriX?). I eventually traded it in for my first Canon SLR and regret it to this day. Hope this one gives you as much satisfaction as mine did. I really enjoyed the P&S rangefinder for all my pix. What a great blast from the past.

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