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May 10, 2007
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Slapamonkey, New York
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Taken (Handheld) with Vivitar 400mm on Olympus OM-1, ASA 400


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Oh - cool.
Erm ... really hot.
Erm ... well, the sun is kind of blinding if you look at it for too long, so I hope your eye is still ok and in good working order? And it almost looks like it were "alive" and spewing ... I wonder where that effect comes from? Very nice sunset colours.
This was sunrise actually ;) As for my Eye....I don't know, I took three of these one at F/8, F/11 and F/32. the F/32 one was sharper but also had some drastic lens flare:(

Just saw this pic, I think it's excellent, you can almost feel the heat from the sun
beautiful shot

just beautiful!

did you try to increase the contrast to make the branches darker?


Yes and no....the branches did not need it but the tree line in the BG did, I felt. However every attempt I made at it would turn the whole scene red and was not bringing out the trees as I anticipated so I pushed and pulled some of the colors to darken it a little wile trying to maintain the orange. Then after that I sharpened it a little more than I generally do.
this is nice and makes me wish spring was here already!
Thanks, Same here, but then again I was out there in subzero (F) tempratures when I got that, so I think my reasons may be a little different :lol:

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