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Dec 5, 2005
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Central IL
Or rather, possibly titled...

'when I dream I forget she was there'

I know, it's not what you would call 'normal' photography. Ah well.....I'm not normal.

I LOVE it!! I love the texture and just looking at it I found many different shapes and objects in it.
I think you're starting to get back into the swing of things, man. I like the shot a lot. I think you're trying a little too hard though (and I mean that earnestly. I know you were in a little off period some time ago).
Thanks guys.
Max-I always appreciate your comments. I think I know what you are saying, would you care to elaborate a bit?

Well you've got a high standard. I've looked extensively through your flickr gallery and a lot of it is really great work. It's the combination of interesting, abstract/street photography subject matter and gritty style. You seemed to hit a bit of a slump, where all the grittiness was still there, but the subjects were unremarkable (or at least shot in an unremarkable way). I think we all wrestle with our senses of photographic prescience when we're in slumps like that. You get ready to take the shot, and you know in the back of your mind that it's not going to be all that amazing, but something compels you to trip the shutter anyway. And then...what do you know...unremarkable results. But I think you're making your way back to getting the subjects under control. As for this image, though, it makes me feel, in part, a little bit like you're trying to make your way back there by being extra-gritty. Granted, the white stuff adds a really interesting textural element (almost looks like reticulation). But at the same time it's competing for attention with the subjects. Perhaps I'm totally off base here. I mean I'm really only going off of this most recent shot. But what I'm sensing is that perhaps you'd look at a clean version of the shot and decide that it wasn't on par with the grittiness in a lot of your other shots. That's not a bad thing. The fact that you might do this sort of crude post-processing at all is very cool. I suppose I'm just saying that you ought to be careful about it. I don't mean to say it's some kind of band-aid treatment. Just be careful that you don't get to thinking that those extra elements can always transform an otherwise ordinary shot, or that you shouldn't be satisfied with shots that don't have so much of them.

I apologize if that made no sense.
I don't see anything other than some black smudge on the lower left hand side, an out of focus background and some dust and specs on the film...
Thank you Max. That is by far the best critique I have ever received on this forum. Much of what you say is true. I'll get there though, something or someone will come along and inspire me. It comes in waves you know.

(I do really like this shot though, for personal reasons)
its hard to understand whats in this picture, altough i did like the effects of the film
amazing!!! I love this shot
Well, if I'm understanding the shot correctly, there's a sentimentality or nostalgia to the two ashtrays positioned, as if sitting next to each other at the table. Hence, 'when I dream I forget she was there.' I think it's sweet.
just looks like a blur to me but i dont know much about this type of pics.

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