No matter, it's a nice shot without a title. I really like this - especially the silvery feel to the statue compared to the old bronze look of the cross.
Good one...
This one is great, the statue looks real good, unusual cross too. brilliant find linda :thumbup:
"heralding the news?"

i too like the tones in this...and she is such a pretty angel.....

your all over this, arent you linda???
I swear ... you have passed us all up, chicklet ... you just jump in with gusto!

Killer shot ... killer post work!

She's a beauty, too!
Thanks raven & nicole... :blushing: . You guys will always be the cemetary queens...
NIcely done Linda. Love how she stands out in front of the cross.
Thanks Chiller! Where have you been? Haven't seen ya on here for a while... missed ya!

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