Unusal Water Droplets


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Oct 17, 2006
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Bradley, IL
;) The unusal water droplets' photos & a fireworks photo (thrown in for kicks) from the experiments Clark Kent & I did last week. Different variation from what we did before. The fireworks is Brandon (Clark) holding a bottle rocket (wearing protective gear, of course) over a bowl of water to keep it from "traveling." Wanted to see what it would do. C/C welcome & thanks for looking!

#1 The droplet reminded me of "Mickey Mouse" rising out of the water


#2 This droplet reminded me of a creature on the planet "Mars." There may be water on that planet afterall




#4 The water droplet on the left reminded me of "ET" (the extraterrestrial), that is if you use your wildest imagination


#5 The fireworks

I love the first one, and I remember how incredibly warm my hand was getting holding that.
very cool series, but one little point of critique: 3 & 4 have noise in them, especially 4.
i like #1...looks like a chubby little liquid hand coming out of the water to catch the drop
Thanks for the comments, my fellow photographers, I appreciate it. Ernie, we were shooting in almost total darkness and I edited out as much noise as I possibly could without distorting the photo any further. I was afraid of making the photo too blurry.
I now know who to look for if Clark disappears and is found in little pieces! Cool series. What will you two think of next?
I have a little strainer to collect the parts. I can put him back together again. Thanks for the comment!

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